Welcome to THE PARANORMAL INQUIRY newspaper!  This is a free newspaper providing a balanced perspective on all things paranormal.

With the number of paranormal investigators growing exponentially and the world of all things paranormal becoming increasingly mainstream, there is a desperate need for reliable, current and sought after information. This information is being demanded by the public to help them wade through the convoluted world of the paranormal -- be it spirits, aliens or cryptozoology. THE PARANORMAL INQUIRY has a mission to provide a balanced perspective, cogent information and create an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion. At the same time, THE PARANORMAL INQUIRY has the goal of fostering community by highlighting local citizens, events and the history of the communities along the Front Range and world wide!

THE PARANORMAL INQUIRY addresses all things paranormal. This newspaper will cover local events, businesses etc., while discussing the latest scientific theories, urban legends and findings regarding paranormal events both local and worldwide with a balanced perspective.

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